How to Rent a Cheap Apartment?


So it’s time to move out of the dorm or your parents’ house, and your pockets are not correctly filled to bursting with cash, but you still want a beautiful apartment in a beautiful area of town, whether in Mobile AL or elsewhere. It seems impossible, but in reality, there are a few things you can do to achieve that:

Determine your Financial Status

First, you must take an appraisal of exactly how much money you have, how much money you earn, and exactly what amount it is you are willing to spend to get the apartment you like. The preparation is necessary, so you have a concrete Idea when you go to check out apartments and discuss with potential landlords. Avoid spending time pursuing apartments that are way outside of the range you have budgeted, as this can lead to overspending when you find an apartment that you really like, or disappointment when you get one that you like and are not able to afford it in any way.

Look Outside Urban Areas

Urban areas by their very nature, are hubs where a lot of people and businesses gravitate to, and this high demand results in vast increases in products and services including rent. If you don’t not have a lot of money to spend, it might be worth your while to take a look at the outskirts and suburbs where rents are usually very much lower. While doing this, however, you must take into consideration the distance from the apartment to your place of work in the urban area, and the time it will take you to commute there on a daily basis, you don’t want to save some money on your rent, and end up losing your job for consistent late-coming!

Evaluate Transportation Costs

Public transportation makes the costs of getting around in urban areas relatively small, but for most people, they are still substantial enough to be a major factor in planning where to stay and the amount they can pay as rent. Whether its bus and subway money, or gas money, it is important that you take a critical appraisal of how much transportation will cost you, in the long run, this might help you realize more clearly that an apartment that you thought was cheap would actually be a pocket trainer or vice versa.


In most areas where there is a reasonable amount of renter turnaround, you will find that the landlords are fine with some negotiation on how much it will cost you to take an apartment in their building. Even though it might be somewhat not easy most times, to get an outright reduction in the rent, especially if it is a popular area, you can still negotiate concessions from the landlord that will end up being a vast reduction in your costs over the long run.

Check for Subsidies

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development consistently offers to subsidize housing costs for people with lower-paying jobs to enable them afford their rent. You can search their website to see what is available and whether you qualify.